Kerford UK customers can execute their trades efficiently and with effortless ease through the intuitive, incisive and made-to-order interface Kerford UK Trader. The next generation exchange trading software has been designed to cater to the exacting standards of the most meticulous retail investor and barely requires any user participation once the preliminary requirements are met. It strives to be the ultimate management console that provides a varied range of tailored solutions, catering to any kind of business requirement in the fast-paced world of financial trading.

Kerford UK Trader for PC

A multifarious interface connecting the world through technology: Kerford UK Trader for Windows consists of many modules and components which can be dynamically conjoined to provide a broad spectrum of customized solutions.

  • All-in-one interface for order execution across Forex, CFD and Futures markets
  • Simple, easy and fast order execution
  • In-built email system and 24x7 live chat facility
  • Real-time interactive charts with a diverse range of technical indicators
  • Language choices
  • Customizable trade settings for charts, alerts, orders, news

Kerford UK Trader for MAC

The Customizable trading console acts as your single comprehensive platform to execute all of your trading strategies. The rich User Interface provides users context-based information for every screen in the workstation. This makes it one of the most advanced platforms, without compromising on its convenient features that makes it suitable even for a rookie.

  • In-detail account summary
  • Live streaming News updates
  • Role-based access control to access the platform in view mode or trading mode
  • Lock console- You may lock the platform when you are away.
  • Account mapping- To handle multiple trading accounts through a single login.
  • Immediate notification- Sends all alerts connected to your trading account into your inbox

Defining Features

Bespoke Exchange Trading software:  This Exchange Trading software can be adjusted to handle any trading-related needs across several realms from the stock exchange to the commodity exchange, CFDs and Futures Exchange to the Foreign Exchange. The Kerford UK Trader Forex Trading software is like a next-generation cyber tool that optimizes your core investing tactics.

A super-efficient and sophisticated console: The Kerford UK Trader multi-exchange trading systems provides clients with a superlative end-user experience in terms of security, speed and perfection. It is a machine that has been in fact programmed to even think in place of the user. The interface has an in-built capacity to look at the historical data and discover patterns that aid in detecting faults and deviations.

Deft order matching, order routing: The interface can seamlessly process your orders within the exchange order matching engine, and route the orders of other exchanges, liquidity pools, banks etc. This provides your trade orders with diverse opportunities and virtually ensures the best price for your orders.

Arbitrage trading opportunities: The arbitrage tool in Kerford UK Trader sifts every thread of information in the markets to provide you with the best arbitrage opportunities. Kerford UK Trader’s ultra-high speed and cutting-edge precision makes arbitrage trading far more hassle-free and enhances its profit-making scope.

Algorithmic Trading:  Kerford UK Trader is equipped with sophisticated tools to provide the most advanced algorithmic trading strategies. This enables institutional investors to opt for the opportune moment and the right price for initiating large volumes of buy and sell orders.

Analytical charts and tools: The range of charting tools and indicators incorporated into Kerford UK Trader equips a trader with all the equipment and techniques required for technical trading in any instrument and in every market situation.