Why Kerford?

 Why Kerford?We believe there are a few good reasons why you should begin your Forex and CFD trading experience with Kerford Investments Ltd.

• All In One Account

Manage and Trade wide range of financial instruments from across the world from a single trading platform . Our All-In-One trading platform makes it possible to trade Forex, Stocks CFDs, Index CFDs, Commodity CFDs and Bullion from the same platform. The new trading interface is fast and intuitive - and it provides information you need to make your trades.

• Tight Spreads

Spread is the major determinant of expense that you incur in trading. Kerford Investments are able to offer some of the most variable Forex and CFD spreads available because of several factors. With pricing feeds coming from various sources, Kerford Investments has become renowned in the market for having some of the tightest spreads available.

• MetaTrader 4 Platform

The MetaTrader 4 platform is the new revolution in Forex and CFDs trading. Highly dynamic, with an easy to use order interface, comprehensive charting packages, customisable screen interface, and ability to watch multiple currencies, MetaTrader 4 has become the most popular trading terminal in the world.

• Upto 1:200 leverage

Margin trading makes your capital work more efficient by having maximum exposure for trade using a smaller portion of your money. Clients are provided with flexible leverage facility with enormous leverage of maximum 1:200 for trading in Forex, CFDs and Futures. Enhance your trades with maximum leverage and increase your potential return on investment across all asset classes. However higher leverage also bring significant risk exposure.

• Transparency in Trading

Kerford offers its clients complete transparency in trading related to execution of orders, margins, and trading costs. Clients have direct access to their online trading accounts using their secure user name and password, where they can view their trading details including settled trades, open positions, profit & loss etc. thus providing them with complete transparency and control over their account. Our Fixed Spreads and Rollover fees are at par with industry standards.

• Low Costs

Highly competitive spreads, commissions & rollover swaps makes Kerford Investments a better choice for traders among its peers. We are committed to deliver you all major products in Forex, CFDs and Futures market at extremely low cost. There are no stamp duty and exchange fees when you trade CFDs, all you have to incur is Spread, Commission and Rollover Swap (Rollover swaps are applied for overnight positions only).

• Online Account Management

Monitor your deposits and withdrawals, daily & monthly account statements in your trading accounts on a real-time manner from your desktop, laptops and Android. Online monitoring of accounts will reduce your time and expense considerably that makes you smarter enhancing your account management skill. Be your account manager with 24x7 access via Kerford Trader.

• Back-office Fund Administration

Each client’s money is kept safe in separate trading accounts and confidentiality connected to customer’s information and transactions with Kerford is done with utmost care. Fast and secure fund transactions involving deposits & withdrawal of funds subject to Kerford’s Compliance team without involving any third party account or other sources. Back-office administration is in-built into the trading platform so as to keep your accounts more safe and confidential. All querries regarding back-office administration is answered by our customer care executives via live chat, mails, phone etc.

• Personalized Customer Support

Kerford’s dedicated multi-lingual customer support team is at your service around the clock to assist you for all your queries and requests via live chat, phone and emails. Personalized customer support on a 24X5 basis is available on all trading days. We have been rigorous in selecting our employees and believe that we have found a great team to deliver outstanding service and value to our clients where required. All employees hold relevant industry experience and it is our role to ensure that we offer a quality service that allows clients to implement their strategies in an easy, seamless manner. We are here to serve you.

• Social Clubs

You can follow us on social networking groups such as YouTube for getting constant updates from financial markets across the globe. Join us on and start commenting and sharing your thoughts with Kerford Investments.